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How to Choose a Power Supply


There are many great places to find a cheap power supply for your project. Different power supplies have different levels of efficiency and quality. It is important to consider these differences for your project. With some circuits a the voltage may not need to be exact for others it may. You will have to decide the level of power efficiency you desire. This article will help you choose a power supply for your project.

How Does a Power Supply Work?


What is a power supply?
A power supply is the device that ensures that your personal computer has power and is functional. The power supply gives the user the ability to turn on the PC. It is a square box attached to your motherboard that comes with your PC. You can upgrade your power supply or replace it if it is inefficient. The normal range of power for a basic power supply may be 300 to 500 watts, but if you use your PC to play a lot of games, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher range of power, as some games may require more power to operate.

How to Connect a Mac Book Pro to an LCD Projector


All Macintosh computers including laptops have the ability to connect to a variety of external displays. Whether the display is a standard monitor, a large screen or a projector, the Mac will connect with little setup required. LCD projectors have become popular for displaying presentations and slide shows from software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote. Connecting a projector to a Mac is relatively straightforward provided you have the necessary video adapters.

How to Delete a Contact on a Mac


The Address Book application, which comes installed on all new Mac computers, stores a variety of contact information, including phone numbers, e-mail address and instant-messaging screen names. Mac users can save contact information for both people and businesses, and they can also delete a contact card if they no longer want it in their Address Book.

How to Restore a Computer to an Earlier Setting


If your computer gets infected with a virus or some other kind of malware, there are a number of options from which to choose to attempt to fix your computer. One of the easiest troubleshooting methods is restoring your computer to an earlier setting. The System Restore function is part of the Windows operating system and it restores your computer's system files and drivers to what they were on a particular date and time.

How to Choose a Desktop Computer


do it your self - how to fix pc
Shopping for a computer doesn't need to be hard. First think about what you need. Are you looking for a computer to perform basic tasks or to meet special requirements? Then do a little homework, and finally go shopping armed with that knowledge. You'll get a computer you can be happy with, and you'll get the best value for your money.

Before you shop

Decide if you're better served by the PC/Windows platform or the Macintosh. You can generally get a faster computer for your money by choosing a Windows machine, but Macs come with more easy-to-use built-in software. Top brands are Dell, Hewlett- Packard, IBM, Gateway and Toshiba. Apple, of course, makes the Macintosh.

Think about whether this machine will need to work with your office or school server. Exchanging files between platforms is less of an issue than it used to be, but it's still worth noting.

How can you fix computer hang easily?


If you are a frequent computer user, you may have encountered computer hang. This is one of the common issues that are faced by computer users sooner or later and can take place any time and even sometimes when you are not working with your computer. You may face a computer hang with a single computer program or even with the whole system. If your computer stops responding suddenly, you are possibly dealing with a computer hang. In such situations your computer is unable to perform the task given to it.

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